Schematic Drawings

We have compiled some schematic drawings to help with the installation of our equipment in certain scenarios. If the drawing you are looking for is not available please let us know and we will try our best to add it to our library.

Title Download
2N IP Force Connection Download
Voice IP Paging Solution Download
ATA Connection to V-9970 Download
ATA Connection to V-9972 Download
FXO Connection to V-9972 Download
Breakbell and Lockdown Download
Integrated Lockdown with Timer Already Installed Download
IP Verso / Maglock Wiring Diagram Download
Telephone Analogue Ext ATA Line Powered Download
Star and Bus Wiring Diagram Download
VIP-801A-IC Connection to Amplifier via Network Download
Wahsega InformaCast IP Page Controller Connection to Amplifier via Network Download
V-9970 / V-9964 / V-2006A Download
Valcom VIP-8210A to VIP-801A Connectivity Download
Speaker Integration with ATA Phone System Download
CCTV Line Out connection to Valcom V-1030 Horn Speaker Download
Hybrid Analogue IP Speaker Solution Download
IP Speaker Solution Download
Inductive Loop Example Installation Download
V-9939C to V-9937 Download
V-400 to V-9939C Download
TOA PM-660U to V-9939C Download
Lockdown Panel Connections Download
8 Channel Timer to 24V Bell Connections Download
8 Channel Timer to External Relay for 240V Break Bell System Download
Adding 8Ω Speaker to 2n SIP speaker Download