Valcom UK Supply Manchester Airport Fire Service

Manchester Airport recently contacted Valcom Support Services to help with providing extra functionality with their emergency fire response systems.

Existing System

When the Air Traffic Controller in the tower has an urgent or incident message for the Fire Service located at the other side of the airport they use a red telephone or use their voice communications PABZ to call a direct line to a Valcom V-2006 (6 Zone Page Control) installed in the Fire Station watch room. This automatically answers the call and the message is relayed through the Fire Station PA system – the Fire Service then act on the message.

When the audio call is transmitted a contact closure automatically opens the Fire Station doors, klaxxons, flashing lights and traffic lights.

Extra Functionality Provided

  • Due to the sound of the klaxxons the first few seconds of the broadcast message are missed, therefore a short ‘warble’ alert is now played prior to the message announcement as a pre-alert – the Air Traffic Controller then delays the start of the announcment until the warble has finished. The pre alert is also timed so the message can be clearly broadcast without interference from the glaxxon. It is important that the ATC Controller knows exactly when to speak and broadcast their message.
  • ‘Off Hook’ contacts are know able to generate an alarm into the PLC to control the electrical interface (glaxxons etc) whrn the phone is lifted.
  • The phone line from the ATC Tower and Fire Station is paired cabling across the runway, monitoring of this line was made possible via a fault contact from the V 2006 into the management system.
  • Battery backup and fault monitoring UPS has also been provided.