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Valcom VOIP Solutions

Valcom’s Voice Over IP Solutions enable paging over networks where fibre is installed to connect buildings and Comms cabinets. This enables faster transfer of data between cabinets and remote buildings. Valcom IP Products are ideal for use in Academies / Schools / Colleges / Manufacturing / Government bodies / Emergency services / Split Sites / Hospitals.

A range of VOIP Intercoms can be found in the IP Intercoms Category. These include single station Intercoms to multiple station with lock release and Video / Button /Keypad.

VOIP Sounders and Strobe Lights are now also available in the Ringers and Strobe Lights Category. The Algo 8180 device gives you the feature of choosing between a sounder or voice page with talkback from the 8180 to the caller.

We offer a comprehensive range of VOIP speakers including:

Our Network Audio VIP device range connects to FXO / FXS / ATA / Trunk / Analogue station port. These devices enable the connection of analogue devices to the front end. They basically act as a convertor from fibre to copper.

A sample of the features of the VIP range: 

  • Auxiliary inputs
  • SIP, UDP, Multicast
  • Contact closure for Lock release / Visual indication Strobe light / Sounder
  • Auto destination Programmable
  • Windows based Set up

Audio Ports


1 Audio Port (VIP-801)

2 Audio Ports (VIP-802)

4 Audio Ports (VIP-804)

FXS Ports


1 Audio Port (VIP-811)

2 Audio Ports (VIP-812)

4 Audio Ports (VIP-814)


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