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Amplified One Way Speakers

Valcom offer a range of self-Amplified speakers, all featuring independent amplifiers and volume controls.

There are 3 options:

  • One way amplified speakers
  • Talk back speakers
  • Dual input speakers

 To help you calculate your requirements please see our Speaker Calculators.


One way amplified speakers are for use with Valcom one way Controllers. They are typically used for locating staff and notification of messages. Within the speakers range are the V-1020C Ceiling Speakers which are designed to fit into a standard ceiling tile - the speaker comes ready with a template and fixings. These are normally used in an office environment along with the V-1042 Slimeline wall speaker. For noisy environments we would recommend our V-1030C and V-1036C Horn speakers as these speakers produce 116 dB and 121 dB respectively.

You must consider that with any speaker system, feedback may become an issue. Feedback is caused by the audio being broadcasted and feeding back through the handset of the person making the page. Care should be given not to install speakers next to telephone system handsets which are allowed to make announcements. A solution to this, if you still get feedback is to add a V-9964 Digital feedback Eliminator. This Valcom device records the announcement and plays it back just 2 seconds after the person making the page has replaced the handset.



Talkback speakers deliver the facility to talk back to the speaker which has been paged. There is no button to press unless you are using this feature for Door Entry Systems as with the V-2901, V-2904 and V-2924. Please remember that Talkback Speakers are Simplex not Duplex, so as a result the person making the page and the person talking back to the speaker have to communicate when the other has finished speaking.

 If you install Talkback speakers into a noisy environment you will not be able to hear the person responding to the page as the Talkback speaker is acting as a microphone and will pick up the background noise. Before specifying Talkback speakers, please call our technical support line 01457-810-391 or have a Live Chat with Charles.



The primary uses for dual input speakers are for applications where different music is required to serve specific areas. The Dual input speakers have two audio inputs and this allows a specific music source to be added for the immediate area, adjacent to the speaker. As an example, at a theme park you may require different background music to match the theme of certain areas.


Valcom supply four styles of Dual Input speakers - the V-1220 8” ceiling speaker, the V-1226-W Bi directional Corridor speaker, the V-1222 Wall speaker and the V-9028 Lay in Ceiling speaker

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