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Valcom Power Supplies

Valcom Support Services supply 24V DC filtered and regulated power supplies to power all Valcom products.

A common engineering mistake is to have more than one power supply feeding one power pair. This mistake is normally carried out when adding additional speakers to an existing system where additional power is required to run the speakers which have been added. The correct way to install the new power supply is not to carry the power pair across from the last speaker which is on the original power run. Just carry across the audio pair from the last speaker in the run, adding the new power supply to the first new speaker. So, to summarise if you have 6 existing speakers and you add a further 6, you only carry across the audio pair from speaker 6 to speaker 7, adding the new power supply to feed speaker 7 to speaker 12.

All Power supplies have one 240V input, however, the four amp and eight amp have three and four outputs respectively. The maximum output per audio pair is two amps.

The Power supplies range from the 30 mA VP-1124 to the 6 amp VP-6124

Features of the VP-1124 include:

  • High Efficiency output (90%)
  • Low heat dissipation
  • Modern design
  • Brownout feature protection
  • Single 24V DC output

Features of the VP-6124 include:

  • A 24 Volt DC A battery commercial power supply
  • Three 24V Dc outputs filtered and regulated
  • A floating fixed output
  • Internal fuse protection
  • Wall or cabinet mountable
  • 120 units of Valcom power units provided
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