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Valcom Page Controls

There are 2 different types of Valcom Page Controls - One Way Paging and Talkback Paging.

The basic Valcom Controller is a V-1094A Expander Pre Amplifier. This connects to a paging port on the “in house” telephone system. There is no input for a music source for background music with the V-1094A. If there is no dedicated paging port there is an option on some telephone systems to programme a two wire analogue extension as an external speaker. (You need to check if this feature is available with the telephone system maintainer.)

For connection to extension ports which you cannot programme to be a speaker, you have the choice of two controllers. The first being a V-9940 Extension Access Controller. This controller connects to a two wire extension or FXA port as would a two wire analogue telephone. The controller is activated by ringing voltage given when the extension is dialled by the person making the page. Once the page has been made the person making it clears down and the telephone handset is replaced into the cradle. Once replaced the telephone system gives silence back to the called party (V-9940). The V-9940, on receipt of silence clears down ready to accept the next page.

The second Extension Access Controller is a V-9970 which operates almost identically to the V-9940 Controller, but with the difference that the V-9970 clears down after the page on receipt of a steady dial tone. This controller must be used when the “in house” telephone System gives a steady return dial tone to the called extension (V-9970). Both the V-9970 and V-9970 have a secondary input for a music source which can provide background music. The music is automatically muted when a page is made.

In the case where there are no analogue extensions free on the “in house” telephone system, an Analogue Trunk Port Controller - V-9937 can be utilized. This controller connects via a two wire connection to the trunk port on the “in house” telephone system. There is a secondary input to connect to a paging port - an assigned relay is required from the telephone system. You would only use the V-9937 connecting to a paging port when background music was required. The V-9937 is a single zone controller, however, it has a feature of a Phantom zone. The Phantom zone is output two of the V-9937 - this output does not play background music to the speakers connected to it. Only speakers connected to output one receive background music. When a page is made it goes out simultaneously to speakers connected to both outputs with music being muted to speakers connected to output one.

Multizone Controllers

Valcom supply a selection of Multizone controllers, all of which have the talkback facility: V-2003A 3 zone controller / V-2006A six zone controller / V-2904 4 zone controller with lock release for door entry / V-2924 24 zone controller with option cards to expand to 96 zones.

All Multizone controllers connect to an analogue trunk port or a FXO port on the In House Telephone System.

All Multizone controllers have the feature of dialling a single zone, a group of zones or an all call to all zones.

For specific features including system dial tone, page override, integral battery back-up, built in tone generators, please refer to the individual Multizone controllers.

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