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Valcom and Clancy Consulting Team Up for Palmerston Special School Project

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Valcom UK will soon be installing state of the art paging and induction loop systems at  Palmerston Special School in Liverpool. The school itself is being rebuilt as part of the  Mayor of Liverpool’s investment programme. If all goes according to plan the new building will open during the Easter period in 2017.

Valcom UK’s part in the project is likely to take around six months to complete including the first fix and stage fixes. The systems to be installed have been specifically designed, from the ground up by the Valcom Engineered Solution team in the USA. Of special note is the inclusion of visual indicators of incoming pages for the hard of hearing.

The system for Palmerston Special School has been designed to be an integral and fully integrated part of the school’s cabling network. A Category 6 Cabling Network will broadcast  Break Sounds and Voice Paging.


VE-8001-AR Networked Page Zone Extenders will be positioned in each communications cabinet and will act as fibre convertors. The output of each VE-8001-AR will feed audio and break sounds to speakers within that particular area. All speakers will have an independent built-in amplifier and volume control; the adjustment of the level of the volume on any speaker will not affect the volume to other speakers.

Each speaker will connect to a Category 6 network point via a RJ45 Fly Lead. Speakers are to be installed into ceiling tiles in positions marked up on the floor plans.

This is the second system Valcom have designed for Liverpool Council in tandem with  Clancy Consulting, with St Julie's RC High School being the other.

Meanwhile, The Council has requested all work and supplies should be locally sourced.

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